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I'd love to help you get started making some money from all of your creative efforts! 

Don't be a starving artist who just does it for fun or a hobby. 


There are so many people online looking for unique and creative gifts, decor and many other categories of goods - which you can easily display and sell via a website and an online store.


All of your artwork can be displayed online in a website, and sold on various products with Print on Demand.  You can see the examples here.


You don't pay anything until someone orders it from your store!  And, you set the profit margin you want on all your products.


Of course, if you get commissioned to create an original, unique item you can certainly ship it to the buyer.  But those sales may be few and far between.


What have you created that has grabbed people's attention & they say they just LOVE what you do!

Those images - whether artwork or photo's - should be available to sell, and...

for lot of people to enjoy!


I've been involved with LaunchCart since almost the beginning & have watched it become an awesome platform with soooo many features you'd have to pay extra for on many other eCommerce platforms.


It's much simpler to setup and you don't need a tech degree to do it!  Want to get started on your own - just click here & setup a store.


As a project manager for the store creation of many of the top Launch Cart customers like Fran Dresser, Nathan Osmond and Paul Oakenfold - I can help you make your store and overall online brand something you will be proud of. 


Wait until you tell your friends and family you're making money with your passion!


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Don't Let Your Art Dreams Disappear!

Like Footprints
in the Sand

Hear from the Artist's!

Artist's Stories About Moving Online!


"I needed to sell my art work and in today’s market, art does not necessarily sell in person like it used to.


So, I reached out to Lane and she introduced me to Launch Cart.  

I was not sure I would be able to understand the process as well as keep up with adding and changing out my products on the computer using unfamiliar software or website.

I’m an artist, not a computer techy person.  


I decided to move forward and give it a try.  

Lane soon set up my beautiful online store and it was ready for me to start building.


Lane patiently instructed me on how to build and manage my store and she was available for all my questions.  It was so much easier than I expected and I caught on quickly.  


The best part?  I have recently incorporated my ecommerce store to my studio giving me the opportunity to offer custom sizes to my clients before they buy!  It turns out, this worked out for person-to-person sales as well as online!"


---Joann H.  Watercolor Artist




"Lane is a remarkable on-line store designer and instructor.  I would highly recommend her to help set up your store and guide you through the steps of efficiently operating it.  


Many of us, especially artists and photographers, are not skilled in the processes used by “computer geeks”.  


Lane adds that technical component to the artist’s bags of tricks."


---Judy H. Mixed Media Art & Photographer





Experienced Web Designer on Multiple Platforms

WordPress, ClickFunnels, Convertri & several more landing page and funnel builders.



Please check out the Example Stores page for Launch Cart stores and websites created for multiple business types.